Surprise Your Friends Like Aine

When I posted this testimonial saying Aine was a star pupil, I never realised how much of a star she was.

Within a few days the video had reached almost ten thousand people on Facebook and was watch by over four thousand viewers. So, now Aine is my offical poster girl for Confidence in Singing 🙂

It is a privilege to be teaching people like Aine who are breaking down their own personal barriers to sing in public for friends and family with confidence and trust in themselves, their own voice and the their right to be heard.

Did you know… you can make any song your own and communicate something unique and beautiful that the original recording can never replicate?

You bring your own life experience and your own memories and emotions to every song you sing and you can touch the listener is a special way. So, I believe that if you have a wish to sing then that IS important not just for you but for us too.

Have a listen to Aine and imagine you can do the same because with a little help you certainly can.