Hi, I’m Aideen

I help adults who want to learn to sing for fun 🙂

At the start of 2016 I began teaching singing in small relaxed group classes and within a short few months Confidence In Singing was born.  I quickly found that my background in psychology was useful when I was helping my clients to overcome their fears to become more & more confident.  Confidence in Singing has since taken on a life of it’s own! I teach in individual lessons (in person & on-line), group workshops and courses and I hold regular concerts to give participants a chance to perform for friends and family.  Classes are in New Ross, Wexford Town and Ballymitty and on-line private lessons also available.

I call my participants “secret singers” and they each choose their own songs based on what appeals to them whether it’s traditional, pop, folk or even rap 🙂 The classes are a lot of fun, everyone is in a similar boat and wants to give singing a go and enjoy it more. With support and encouragement over the course of a day or the weekly classes participants all learn quickly and their singing improves too.

Who is it for?

Confidence In Singing is for anyone who would like to learn to sing for fun or who wants to boost their confidence when singing.  My participants are generally adults of all ages but I also teach classes for teenagers and children over 10 years old.

Some of my clients don’t know if they can sing at all before they start and with a little encouragement and the right tips, they have gone from strength to strength. Many of those who participated in my workshops and course have gained the confidence to sing in public for the the first time.  Click here to see the testimonials!

Other people know they can sing but wish they had more confidence. They may need some help on techniques like breathing, posture and how to hit the high notes. With a few lessons they start hearing the voice they knew was in there somewhere and then their confidence soars.

About Aideen

It took me quite a while to find my own voice. I spent many years of singing mainly in choirs and musicals at home in New Ross and I took conventional singing lessons in the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Leinster School of Music while I was studying Psychology in UCD. While I did learn lots as I went along, deep down I didn’t love my “choral” style of voice and I really wanted to sing with a more natural tone and to develop more confidence.

I eventually came across Speech Level Singing and Jazz music while I was living in San Francisco.  My experiences in San Francisco inspired me to study Jazz Vocal Performance full-time in Newpark Music School, Dublin when I got back to Ireland. It was a wonderful 2 years of singing and making music from one end of the week to the other with talented musicians of all ages. I kept up my studies with Anita Wardell and Brigette Beraha in London but I still struggled to get my singing going and somehow, at that stage, I never imagined I would teach singing myself!

Since moving back to New Ross in the last three years, I have finally found my place in the world as a singer and a singing teacher though at the time moving home was the last thing I wanted to do! With the support of new friends and my family I found the confidence to follow my passion full time and now I’m teaching singing which has been hugely rewarding and I also perform myself in concerts and for events. I’ve included a video of myself singing at one of our Confidence in Singing concerts below.  My website for my own singing is www.aideen.eu. For a full biography click here.

Thank yous

I couldn’t have imagined that I would be working for myself just three years after moving home.  My first outside support that I owe thanks to is my meditation teacher Calodagh McCumiskey, Spiritual Earth & Rejuvenate Ireland. The practice of Japa meditation and the support I received with Calodagh helped me regain my own confidence. Also, thanks to the team of wonderful teachers at Japa Meditation Ireland who have helped me face my own fears in a practical way.

Declan Cosgrove, DecPlay Piano is a great friend and the accompanist who has the magical ability to make us all sound good for the concerts, workshops and courses.  Declan has a background in business and was a valuable source of advice and support for me in getting Confidence in Singing started. Thanks, Dec!

Then, thanks to Wexford Local Development, Wexford Local Enterprise Office and Wexford County Council, Arts Office for their encouragement, mentoring and financial support.

And to my family who have been so good to put up with me and my unique ways through all my adventures and ups and downs. Thanks!!


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