Aine O’Grady

“If you’ve had a yearning for a long time to do this ONE thing then Aideen is definitely the person to help you fulfill your singing dream, she’s patient, kind, […]

Noel Ridge

“I did a singing class with this Lady in India….  Never mind your voice…  She’ll make your heart sing!”

Breda Doyle Kinsella

“Aideen is a wonderful and passionate lady who gives 110% to her students. She encourages and instills confidence. If anyone is considering taking one of the classes… go for it! […]

Janet Whitney

“I highly recommend this workshop; great if you want to sing in front of a group but haven’t the confidence – you will; great if you want to share in […]

Alice Vignoles-Russell

“Aideen was so different and better than any vocal training I had before. She has an amazing talent for showing you how to make the most of your natural voice.”

Aine O’Grady

“I found it great number one for breathing techniques which I really need help with and secondly for your confidence to be able to get up and do what you’ve […]

Pat Sudsworth

“I never thought I could ever sing but with the confidence I gained in the last 6 weeks, I even sang at a concert!”

Aisling Cranley

“The name of the workshop makes perfect sense, you shared great information on how to find your own voice, how to be relaxed when you are singing with excellent techniques, […]

Tina Ralph

“Aideen, you so helped me find my voice, it was such a profound experience. I’m looking forward to putting my new skills into practice, thank you!”

Ewa Babiarczyk

“I enjoyed this course very much and it has given me more confidence not only to singing in public but I also feel more confident expressing myself in all areas […]