Singing To Build Confidence

As you know, taking on any new challenge and completing it is hugely beneficial for self-confidence and self-belief. Even a little self-belief can help you take on even bigger challenges and make changes that you always wanted to make in your life.

That’s why I love doing the Confidence in Singing classes. I see participants take on the daunting task of singing in front of people they don’t know and they come away from it feeling empowered and self-confident. It’s a way to do something that’s just for you, that you will enjoy and will bring out more of you in the world.
Over the next few months I have workshops and courses that can give you the opportunity to sing, have fun and build your confidence.  I hope you can make it. The classes are fun, friendly and you take it at your own pace. Please pass it on if you know anyone who would benefit from more confidence 🙂