Party Piece On-line Course

How would you feel if you could sing your heart out for the people who mean everything to you?  You could honour a loved-one who has passed, sing for your bride on your wedding day, for your spouse on your anniversary or just for yourself to release all the emotions you have inside you.

It’s frustrating wanting to sing but feeling you can’t. You do have a voice in there but you haven’t found a way to get it out yet.  You know you can sound a million times better but you can’t see yourself learning to read sheet music or going to a formal music school.

Deep down you just wish there was a way to learn to sing that was more relaxed, informal and fun so you can learn at your own pace.


  • Maybe you were told you can’t sing by a teacher or sibling or friend.
  • Maybe you’re too embarrassed to go to a singing teacher knowing that you are a complete beginner.
  • Maybe it means so much to you that trying and failing would be too much of a risk.


  • You’re afraid you really aren’t good enough
  • You’ve tried before and failed
  • You don’t know if any one could help
  • You’re busy and not sure if the time you would need to take would be worth while
  • You don’t have money for formal lessons
  • You’re not sure if you could learn on-line

Yes, it does take time to learn a song and practice the techniques you need to improve. But it’s worth it to finally be working towards your dream to sing.

And this course…

  • Offers a cost effective, learn at home class to get you started in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Covers technique that will transform your sound and help you conquer your nerves.
  • And it WILL work to some degree with as little as 10 minutes a day practice –  you won’t know how good you can get until you try!

The Party Piece On-line course is a quick, easy to follow course for people who would love to sing better, perform for friends & family and have more confidence in their voice.

Full of great content, fast-track tips and encouragement from Aideen who has helped singers at every level even absolute beginners. The course will propel you on your journey to singing with confidence.

You will learn:

  • How to find the best song for you
  • Ways to tackle a song to ensure you know it inside and out
  • How to let your voice out and handle high and low notes
  • Steps you can take to improve your sound
  • Tools that help you stay calm and control your nerves when singing
  • How to connect with your audience

Unlike conventional singing lessons that presume you have a base of basic music knowledge, this course starts from scratch with a unique, easy to relate to video based course that has everything you need to motivate you and help you to improve quickly.

  • You’ll become a better singer
  • You’ll trust your voice more
  • You’ll know how to practice
  • You’ll be able to learn song quickly
  • You’ll handle nerves better to be able to perform

This course will dramatically help to reduce nerves, jump-start your natural talent and quickly help you improve.