Individual Lessons (in person or on-line)

Do you wonder if you could sing?  Or maybe you know you can sing but you don’t have any confidence in yourself? If you wish you could give singing another go and want some encouragement, tips and technique then I can help.

Maybe you were discouraged from singing at a young age or maybe experiences during your life have affected your confidence and it’s time to get it back again.  These fun, informal and relaxed lessons can bring you from singing only to yourself to having the confidence to sing a parties or concerts.

  • Prepare your party piece
  • Sing with confidence for family and friends
  • Serenade your bride or groom on your wedding day – click here for more information.
  • Improve your technique to sing in musicals or a choir

To buy a voucher for 40 minute introductory lesson for €40 just click here. Or to book your lesson contact Aideen on 089-9829914,


  • Breathing & posture
  • Staying in tune
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Moving from low to high notes
  • Picking songs that suit your range
  • Developing your unique voice
  • Expressing the meaning of a song
  • Developing confidence