4 steps to finding your own X Factor

Finding your own X Factor

A lot of singing on TV is linked to competitions. Now, this may be a good way for some unknown singers to get to a bigger audience but the down side is that it feels like those who do well are somehow better than everyone else.

NOT true!

Each and every one of us has a story to tell, a song to sing and maybe even a book to write and it will be 100% unique to us. No one walks in your shoes, thinks exactly like you or has had all the same life experiences as you. AND that is why when you bring YOU to a song, it’s special.

4 Steps to finding your own X FActor

  • Pick a song that means something to you and give it some time to learn it well.
  • Check how each line of the lyrics relates to you and figure out how you feel about it.
  • Listen to the melody bit by bit so you get to know it really well. (Don’t listen to the whole song each time)
  • Record yourself singing it so you can tweek the bits that need it.

Once you have taking some time with your song and are confident that you know it well then just put your heart and soul into it when you sing. That’s the only way to connect with your audience whether they are your family, your kids or Simon Cowell 🙂

If you would like professional feedback just let me know.  I do private lessons on-line and in person.